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Shoulder Pain

What causes shoulder pain? Shoulder pain can be caused by many different issues and conditions that include a torn labrum, torn rotator cuff or damaged cartilage, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, dislocation or fibromyalgia. Whether you have been injured in an accident or have a degenerative condition that results in shoulder pain, our chiropractic clinic offers a range of natural treatments that will get to the bottom of your pain and provide long-lasting relief.

How To Stop Shoulder Pain?

How To Stop Shoulder Pain? Edmond, OK

When you have shoulder pain and want to put a stop to it, chiropractic care is an effective treatment method to find relief. Whether you have an injury, a degenerative condition or a misalignment in another part of your body is causing your shoulder to hurt, chiropractic adjustments can restore mobility and balance to the joint and ease your pain.

When you visit our chiropractor, you will be thoroughly assessed to determine the underlying cause of your pain, then a natural pain relief treatment plan will be created that will provide you with the relief you need.

Our chiropractic treatments will relieve pressure on your joints and nerves and help facilitate your body’s own natural, healing process. Short lever thrusts will be performed to help release gas that may be trapped inside the joints, causing you pain. As the gases are released, you will hear the cracks that are so common with chiropractic care.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

If you have a pinched nerve in your shoulder area, it will be difficult to raise your arm over your head or even reach out to pick something up. You may also experience numbness, tingling or a burning sensation in your shoulder.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Oklahoma City, OK

Once your pinched nerve has been treated by our chiropractor, you should be able to return to your regular daily activities without the need for pain medication. Your sleep will improve, you will be able to drive without discomfort and you’ll be able to resume any recreational activities and exercise that were off-limits.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

The reason that chiropractic is such an effective treatment for shoulder injuries and other shoulder issues is because it treats the underlying cause of the pain, and doesn’t just mask the pain. In a standard pain management system, medication is used to manage your pain so you can carry on with your daily activities.

The problem with this strategy is that pain is not the issue; it is just a by-product of whatever is wrong with your shoulder. If the underlying issue is never properly addressed and treated, the pain will keep coming back. Surgery is another conventional treatment for a shoulder pain diagnosis, but it also has drawbacks. There is typically a long recovery time and many people still don’t get their full mobility back even after the rehabilitation phase.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain in Oklahoma City, Edmond or any nearby area and want a natural treatment that will provide relief, give us a call today at 405-286-0322. We will set up a complimentary consultation to create a natural treatment protocol that will work for you.