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Car Accident Injury

What treatments help with a car accident injury? Chiropractic treatment is an effective treatment for a wide range of car accident injuries, to relieve chronic pain and help restore mobility. Injuries such as whiplash, joint damage, spinal misalignments, pinched nerves and muscle strains all respond well to chiropractic care.

When you visit our chiropractic clinic after a car accident, you will get a customized pain relief treatment plan that may include natural treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy, shockwave therapy and spinal decompression. Our goal is to provide you with non-surgical pain relief so you can get back to your normal life.

What To Do After A Car Accident?

What To Do After A Car Accident? Edmond, OK

After a car accident, there are a handful of things you must do in order to ensure everything works out in your favor. The first thing is to never drive away from the scene, even if it is a minor accident.

Other important actions to take include:

  • Seek medical attention if you are injured and need attention
  • Protecting the scene with a flare, flashlight or your hazard lights
  • Call the police and other emergency personnel, if you are able
  • Detail what happened to the police to the best of your memory
  • Take pictures of your vehicle and the scene, if you are able
  • Exchange information with the other driver and call your insurance company
  • If you didn’t need emergency medical attention, seek medical attention after the fact to make sure everything is fine.

Car Accident Injury Doctor

For many car accident victims, the pain shows up in the days after the accident. The impact of the crash can misalign joints, damage soft tissue, pinch nerves and strain muscles, but your adrenaline won’t allow you to experience the pain until later on.

Car Accident Injury Doctor Oklahoma City, OK

When you visit a seasoned car accident injury doctor at our chiropractic clinic, we will assess your injuries and then provide you with treatment to relieve the pressure and reduce your pain. It’s common to have a sore neck or sore back after even minor car accidents, and chiropractic adjustments are effective natural treatments to bring your body back into balance.

Treatment for Car Accidents

All-natural chiropractic treatment works well for car accident injuries because it addresses the underlying reason or cause of your pain, and not just the pain itself. Pain medications simply mask the symptom, which is the pain, but leave the cause of the pain alone. This can result in a dangerous cycle of over-medicating but never really solving the problem.

When you visit our chiropractic clinic, we will never provide drugs or surgery as treatment options, and only use natural pain treatment to help you feel better and get back to your everyday routine.

If you are suffering due to a car accident injury in Oklahoma City, Edmond or any nearby area and want all-natural pain relief, we have the solution you need. Just give us a call today at 405-286-0322 and we will set up a free consultation to help provide the relief you deserve.