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Success Stories

I am disabled from an accident I had when I was very young. All my life I have had to persevere to overcome my disability which put stress on my body. I have had many Doctors, rehabilitation and all sorts of professional help. Dr. Koenig has by far Help me achieved more then all the rest. His whole team are professionals who really care about you and your progress. They are the Best in the business. Thank you Doc!

Tom B.

My first visit with Dr. Koenig was about a year ago. I was constantly feeling motion sick- like I had been sitting on a rocking boat for hours. It began years ago and I was taking Dramamine 2 to 3 times daily. I had spent so much money visiting specialists having MRI’s, CAT scans, physical therapy, etc. with absolutely no relief. After seeing Dr. Koenig and undergoing treatment I was symptom free after 2 weeks. It gave me a new lease on life! Just recently, I was suffering from sciatica. I had my first bout with sciatica two years ago and the intense pain lasted well over 3 weeks. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice so I made an appt. to see Dr. Koenig right away. After two treatments, I was virtually pain free and was able to resume normal activity. I have also taken my son to Dr. Koenig. My son had back and shoulder pain from playing tennis. After treatments and a list of exercises, my son no longer complains of any pain. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Koenig and his staff. How he has helped me is nothing short of amazing. I may go in with a look of pain on my face but when leaving his office I am always smiling!

Joelle P.

I have had headaches for 7 to 8 years. I used to eat celebrix like candy. Then my Doctor put me on Tompax 100 mg and that helped some. I went down to 50 mg but they didn’t stop completely. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Koenig my headaches have stopped.

My arms and hands were starting to go numb at anytime; driving, putting on my makeup, doing my hair, anytime. I was concidering having carpal tunnel surgery. But now they don’t get numb, but only once and a while. When I stretch my neck (Dr. Koenig’s Rehab Instructions) it stops. Going to Dr. Koenig has made a big difference in my life. Oh yea, I have osteoporosis also. I no longer have the back pain I did. I have learned how to pick up things the right way and how to do stretches that help my back. I recommend Dr. Koenig to anyone. My spine was in BAD shape. But its a lot better now, Thanks to Dr. Koenig.

Rose G.

I am a firm believer that as a parent, you do everything you can to protect your children from harm. As my children got older I learned the hard way that not all harm is preventable and that sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it; so I thought.

When my daughter was 18 months old she fell down to the ground with a horrifying scream grabbing on to her back for dear life. I had no clue what was wrong or even what to do. My husband rushed over to pick her up to find that her entire body was completely stiffened in the fetal position and her arm was stuck behind her. We tried everything we could think of to loosen her up. About ten frantic minutes later and several calls to her doctors, my husband was hugging and reassuring her again and accidentally popped her back. This seemed to stop everything immediately and her body went back to normal.This started happening on a frequent basis with her. Every time it did, we would pop her back and went on, but it never seemed to get any better. By the time our daughter was 7, this was a regular, painful routine in her life. We as parents were told by doctors that all we need to do is what we had been doing. WRONG! This can actually cause more harm then good. My husband happened to meet Dr. Koenig and had him check out his back due to curiosity because of his own personal back problems. He was shocked at how well informed he was when he left and immediately called me at his first free moment to suggest our daughter see him ASAP. I was skeptical, but respected the deep concern of daddy and took her anyway. It couldn’t hurt, right? Right! Since my daughters first adjustment in May of 2009 she has only had one episode (within the first week of treatment) and has been going strong ever since. She can now play hard with other children without fear of embarrassment and ridicule of everyone around her. Dr. Koenig not only instructed us on exercises we can do at home to help our daughter, but he also was able to get down on her level and teach her how to handle it when she is some where (like school) that we can’t be all the time. Thanks to the care and concern of Dr. Koenig, our daughter has began to live a normal life WITHOUT pain. I am now a true believer in chiropractic care. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Koenig’s dedication to our daughter and the genuine love and concern he shows toward her. We truly believe he was a blessing to us.

Jamie O.